Monday, September 26, 2011

FitBlitz Metabolic Conditioning

How to get a lean, sexy body without spending hours - and a fortune - at the gym!

If you're tired of being frustrated by every diet, and just can't take another 'flatten your tummy in just 5 minutes a day' magazine cover workout, this may be the most important thing you've read this year.

If you don't like how your clothes fit...

If you dread going to the pool...

If you wish you had more energy...

If you avoid looking at your body in the mirror...

If you think that nothing will help...

 FitBlitz can change you!

You're probably skeptical That's normal. Odds are, you've been disappointed by other fat loss programs. Heck, you may have even wasted hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on programs that didn't deliver the results you expected. My guess is, you ultimately found a way to blame yourself when you didn't get the results you wanted.

 So, Why Is This Any Different?

It is designed to be different. It's designed to challenge you with total body exercises, because single joint exercises like arm curls and leg extensions really don't help you burn fat. This type of training works equally well for soccer moms and seasoned athletes. Bootcamp will challenge your stability, balance, strength, power, and stamina... and it will be a challenge! (and it will be FUN!) Some of the results you'll get, based upon feedback from past members:

- You will become stronger and leaner and increase your metabolism

 - You will improve your endurance and overall fitness level

 - You will improve your posture and decrease back pain, and become more flexible

 - You will burn bodyfat, boost your energy, and decrease your stress,

 - You will sweat and laugh and discover that exercise really can be fun!

Ultimately, the goal is results - specifically, the results you're looking for - and, as confident as I am that my class will get your into super condition, you should be an informed consumer!

You should NOT invest ANY money in any fitness program - including mine - unless it meets the following criteria:
1) Exercises should be tailored to your personal fitness level. If the exercises cannot be customized to match your ability, you should find another program that will. (FitBlitz is scalable; it can be progressed or regressed to challenge exercisers of all levels, regardless of exercise experience.)

2) The program should incorporate the entire spectrum of fitness: full-body resistance/strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility training. (check, check, check!)

3) The workouts have to challenge you beyond what you think you can do. Working beneath your ability will not change your body! (oh yes, you'll sweat!)

4) The program should offer plenty of variety. Like number 3, above, if your body keeps repeating the same old thing, it will respond the same old way. (every workout is different!)

5) The sessions should be fun! If it's not enjoyable, your motivation to be there goes right out the window. (the sessions will introduce you to other great people who share your goals, and you'll laugh, I promise - everyone but my wife thinks I'm funny)

6) There should be a 100% satisfaction guarantee. (If you're unhappy for any reason, I will refund your first-month registration in full.)

Sessions meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
from 9:30 to 10:00AM, and from 12:00PM to 12:30PM

Space IS LIMITED! Register today by clicking below!

Secure Payments


You didn't click up there? Why not? Still not convinced?
Okay, listen; here's what I'll do: if you're still not sure that this is
worth trying yet, even with the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee,
and you feel like you need to 'kick the tires', I'll let you register
for your first three sessions for only $49. No long-term commitment,
and the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee still applies.

Fair enough?

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